Running a business is complicated and time consuming enough without the headache of calculating payroll and payroll taxes.  We provide payroll services to many clients throughout the greater Lincoln Maine area and would like to be your payroll processor as well.  Confidential and cost-effective, our payroll service eliminates the chore of payroll and payroll tax return preparation. We can help you avoid payroll tax errors and late payment penalties and interest.

We are licensed with the State of Maine to provide payroll services.

Barker Business Services LLC does not impound employer funds to pay payroll checks, payroll taxes, or our fee.  Payroll checks are written from the employer's bank account.  Payroll taxes are paid electronically from the employers bank account to the taxing authorities.  We bill the employer monthly by invoice for our services.  

The following services are provided as part of our live payroll processing provided by Barker Business Services. 

You report your employee's hours to us by any of the following methods: In person or by phone, fax, or email.  We’ll calculate your payroll amounts and provide the following in advance of your next pay day.

Each Payroll Period

We will deliver your payroll to you either in-person on our weekly delivery route (within the town of Lincoln only), fax or email it to you if you are paying by direct deposit, cash or are writing your own payroll checks, or send it by US mail if we are printing the employee paychecks.  

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The following items are included with live payroll processing.



Year End

As Needed
At year end.

All W-2s and 1099s will be efiled with the SSA and the IRS so you'll have nothing to mail!

In addition to "live" payroll processing, we also do "after-the-fact" payroll reporting.  Live is where we do it all.  After-the-fact is where the employer prepares his/her own payroll checks, withholdings, and tax payments, and quarterly provides to us the monthly totals by employee and we prepare the payroll tax returns as well as the year-end W2s.

If you need additional info or would like a cost estimate of having your payroll done, give us a call, email or stop by our office.

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